Subsoil in numbers

Map of subsoil, which 
given special permission


Here you can see the regulations
in this area

Point of view

Experts of Association 
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sector subsoil

About Association

Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine" was created in 2008 in order to create an efficient, innovation-oriented system of geological study and reproduction of the mineral resource base necessary to meet the needs of the national economy, ensure energy and resource security. The situation in the mineral resources, in particular the production of hydrocarbons, composed in such a way that an extremely large potential of the Ukrainian bowels realized until ineffective. Today, therefore, crucial issue to develop an advanced unified legal framework, especially the Uniform Code of Natural Resources of Ukraine with regard to the interests of the industry and suggestions on the mechanism of subsoil improvement of outdated regulations and numerous individual laws in the sphere of subsoil use.

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