How to become a Member?

Membership in the Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine" 

The idea of ​​a membership program of the Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine" is the recognition and use of common principles of subsoil users, who are members of the Association. 
Subsurface users are willing to become members of the Association, to recognize that they are working and will work in the future: 
- Legally; 
- Honestly; 
- Transparent; 
- Responsibility for the consequences of activities; 
Subsurface users are willing to become members of the Association, recognize that they are: 
- Do not shy away from the requirements of the law; 
- They will not damage the environment; 
- Participate in the development and implementation of the world experience of industry regulation of subsoil use; 
- Not to be used non-market methods of competition at all stages of business. 
The benefits of membership in the Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine": 
- Prestige participation in the leading national association of subsoil; 
- The introduction of higher standards of transparency and quality of the industry; 
- Getting at discounted prices specialized professional analytical and informational materials, produced by the Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine"; 
- Ability to work in case of complications, get more help from the members of the Association - advisory, consultative, engaging specialized professionals. 
In order to become a member must sign the agreement on cooperation or contact us for more information