Tasks and objectives

Rule-making and legal activities 

- Preparation of proposals to the draft law of Ukraine, ministries and departments in the mineral resources; 
- Development of internal standards, methods for improvement and perfection of the subsoil; 
- Legal advice on mineral resources, providing a full range of consulting and legal services - from the creation of the enterprise to legal support activities. 
Registration and licensing activity 
- Assist in the preparation of constituent documents of business entities wishing to work in the sphere of subsoil; 
- Provision of state registration / re-registration of business entities wishing to work in the sphere of subsoil; 
- Assisting in issuing permits in the bodies of state power and local self-government in all phases of geological and mining activities; 
- Preparation of materials for contests / auctions to obtain a special permit for use of mineral resources; 
- Maintenance operations to extend the term of the license / special permit; 
- Assist in the implementation of the protection of mineral resource assessment in the State Commission. 
Expert and analytical activities 
- Preparation of analytical materials on the status of the mineral resource base of the state, new technologies subsoil; 
- A preliminary evaluation of mineral resources and economic evaluation of deposits; 
- Preparation of recommendations on the most effective and economical ways of extracting minerals from the subsoil and their processing; 
- Carrying out of other types of consultations and examinations. 
Representative activity 
- Representing the interests of its members in the legislative and executive authorities, local executive authorities and local self-government, as well as in the courts; 
- Assist in the retrieval and analysis of investment projects, suppliers and other necessary services for the organization of economic, scientific and research activities in the field of subsoil use. 
Management activities 
- Assist in the organization of business (advice on the organization and control of the business - processes); 
- Develop strategies and concepts of business development, development of mineral deposits, the development of processing facilities; 
- Investment and business planning (development of the economic model of business development, taking into account the risks and other factors that may influence the outcome); 
- Find business partners in Ukraine and abroad from the existing database of business partners who are interested in cooperation, as well as through individual search through a network of partners; 
- Help in attracting external funding sources; 
- Ensuring conduct independent accounting, economic and legal support of business of outsourcing operations (maintenance and restoration of financial and tax accounting, preparation and submission of tax and ad hoc reporting, optimization of tax payments) or outsourcing personnel; 
- Support of negotiation and conclusion of contracts; 
- Preparation of proposals for business diversification. 
Educational activities 
- Education, training and retraining of staff members of the Association on its own, and specially selected external training programs; 
- Organization of short-term intensive programs with leading scientific and educational institutions of the state - the members of our Association, as well as scientists and researchers - individual members of the Association; 
- Organization of training of students enrolled in higher education institutions in the profile orientation in enterprises - members of the Association (the conclusion of agreements with relevant University) and members of the Association issuing recommendations for the best graduates; 
Information and publishing activities 
- Preparation of analytical materials in the mineral resources; 
- Organization of information on the corporate website; 
- The organization's own court of arbitration to resolve disputes between members of the Association; 
- Organization of Independent Trade Union of Ukraine and the subsoil carrying out of actions aimed at strengthening the civic consciousness of workers of the enterprises.