The law on the gas market: the necessary conditions for new rules. February 23, 2015. Kyiv

The adoption of the new Law "On the gas market" will be the first "brick" in building a competitive and efficient market, and lay a solid foundation for a full reform of relations between its key actors - in accordance with the rules of the EU Third Energy Package.
This is the conclusion reached by the participants of the round table, which took place on February 23 in Kiev. The event was organized analytical center DiXi Group with the support of the International Fund "Revival". Participated leading experts, including the report of the President of Association "Subsoil Users of Ukraine" Roman Storozhev.
Discussion also took place in the framework of the project "Improving the implementation of Ukraine's obligations under the Energy Community to strengthen the role of the public", carried DiXi Group with the support of the European Union.