Association "Subsoil users Ukraine" became part of the Ukrainian part of the Ukrainian-Georgian Business Council at the UCCI

Association "Subsoil users Ukraine" became part of the Ukrainian part of the Ukrainian-Georgian Business Council at the UCCI. The Constituent Assembly held on February 26 this year. The council included 32 specialized industrial organization in tital. Information on the composition of the board will be sent to the Chamber of Commerce of Georgia.
Recall, October 11, 2005 the Ukrainian and Georgian CCI signed an agreement on the establishment of the Business Council with a view to enhancing international cooperation. At the eighth meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Georgian Commission on Economic Cooperation (June 25, 2013, Tbilisi) were considered priorities in cooperation with Georgia, such as joint projects in infrastructure and energy industries, the agricultural sector, metallurgy, chemical industry, IT communications, logistics, international transportation, tourism, etc.
It was also noted that the main items of imports from Georgia may be: chemical products, ferroalloys, therapeutic drugs, wine, mineral water, alcoholic beverages, citrus fruits, nuts and other agricultural and industrial products. Exports from Ukraine may be increased due to supplies of agricultural products and metallurgical complexes, food industry, engineering industries.
At the UCCI has created 29 business councils with its partner organizations abroad. Tips serve as advisory bodies that provide a meeting of businessmen of Ukraine and the countries concerned to identify the problems hindering the development of international economic cooperation, promote business linkages. Tips prepare proposals for improvement of foreign economic relations for consideration by public authorities, disseminating information on the status and prospects of economic development of countries, offers enterprises the cooperation brings together the business community, various conferences and seminars. The structure of business councils composed of representatives of business circles of the countries cooperating with it on a voluntary basis. Joint meetings are usually held 1-2 times a year, alternately in each country.
Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine" was established in 2008 with the aim of creating an effective, innovation-oriented system of geological study and reproduction of the mineral resource base necessary to meet the needs of the national economy, ensuring energy and resource security. The association's activities aimed at improving the image of the subsoil use sector in Ukraine in order to attract investment and international cooperation in the field of geologic exploration, mining.