National Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine carried out the work to draft amendments to the Order granting special permits for subsoil use

In order to adapt to the laws of the Government of the European Union in terms of ensuring transparency and eliminating corruption factors in granting subsoil use Derzhheonadramy Ukraine considering proposal subsoil users, investors, professionals in the field of geology and structural units Derzhheonadr and state geological enterprise in its management, conducted work on drafting amendments to the Order granting special permits for subsoil use that actually teach this procedure in the new edition. 

The project takes into account the suggestions of representatives of business, community, comply with current legislation and simplify business activities of the subsoil.  Yes, the project would expand opportunities for the right to use amber deposits, in particular, does not contain any restrictions on their commercial value and area. The above is especially important to encourage legal use burshtynonosnymy subsoil and help eliminate "black staratelstva" widespread in the north-western region of Ukraine. 
Also, the project envisages the reduction in the incidence of acquiring the right to use subsoil without the auction up to 10, which will also finance the public budget and reduced the number of grounds for termination of special permits for subsoil use. In addition, maintaining a dialogue with business associations and given their justified proposals Derzhheonadramy the project does not provide rules regarding the need for monitoring and scientific support implementation of specific provisions of subsoil use, provided permission and agreement on conditions of subsoil use, and state examination reports on the results of geological study and other geological materials. 
It should also be noted that the draft was prepared taking into account recent changes in legislation, including the Law of Ukraine of 09.04.2014 № 1193-VII, which was amended legislation on the licensing system. For example, according to the draft legislation defines specific grounds for revocation of special permits for subsoil use, its procedure by appeal to the administrative courts. 
September 16, 2014
National Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine