Association "Subsoil Users of Ukraine" became part of the working group on the implementation of commitments under the Energy Community


Association "Subsoil Users of Ukraine" became part of the multilateral working group for the development, implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of the reforms, according to the commitments under the Energy Community.
According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines  №766 of 28 October 2014, for the proper execution of p. 29, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 17.09.2014 № 864 "On Amendments to the Action Plan for the implementation of the commitments under the Treaty Energy Community "ministry established a working group composed of both heads of the departments, government companies and organizations, and representatives of professional associations and NGOs.
In accordance with the commitments that Ukraine should actively pursue the reform of the energy sector in accordance with the principles of liberalization, non-discrimination and transparency. Recall that in 2010 the Law of Ukraine "On the functioning of the natural gas market." Already one half of the 2014 Energy Community Secretariat has written to the Ministry of Energy proposal in the form of the bill followed the necessary legislative changes in the energy sector.
November 11, 2014
Press office of the Association "Subsoil Users of Ukraine"