How to become a Partner?

The relevance of effective development of subsoil determines the need to establish a stable and effective dialogue between the mining companies and the state to improve the transparency of the industry, to create a single codified document that would regulate common European standards, to improve the investment climate and develop mineral extraction Ukrainian fields, build the capacity of the mineral resource base in Ukraine. 

Considering the desirability of public participation and economic entities in the process of creating public policy, particularly in geology, we invite you to become a Partner of the Association "Subsoil users of Ukraine" with the aim to establish and develop a modern national geological legislation, economic, financial, industrial, technical, scientific and human resources component of subsoil, software development and protection of the interests of subsoil users. 
In our work we aim to realize the following objectives: 
  • Promote the formation of an effective mechanism of cooperation between public authorities, economic entities and citizens of Ukraine in the sphere of subsoil use. 
  • Be a participant in the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of geological exploration, use and protection of subsoil. 
  • Work to improve the system of control and supervision in the sphere of subsoil use, develop and sustain a community-based initiatives for the improvement and development of environmental legislation. 
  • Defend the position of the need to ensure a level playing field for all economic entities in the field of subsoil use, improve procedures for the issuance of special permits (licenses) for the use of mineral resources. 
Encourage foreign investment, the use of international experience for the development of the mineral resource base of Ukraine through the exchange of information between public authorities, mining companies, international geological community and the public in Ukraine. Active public dialogue, engaging in the preparation and management decisions of the Association of Professionals "Subsoil users of Ukraine", scientists, practitioners will in the next few years to overcome the existing problems and create a civilized environment for the industry, promote the attraction of the scope of use of natural resources and strong domestic foreign investors - and therefore significantly reduce the import dependency of Ukraine and improve the economic security of the state. 
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