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Partnership Agreement


              Kyiv                                                                “_____” _______________ 2022

The Association "Subsoil Users of Ukraine" (hereinafter referred to as the Association), represented by the President of the Association Storozhev R. I., acting on the basis of the Statute, as the party on the one side, and _________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the Partner) represented by __________________________________________ acting on the basis of ___________________________ , as the party on the other side, that together referred to as the Parties, concluded this Agreement on the following:

Based on provisions stipulated in the present agreement the Parties conclude that the interest of each of them is to meet cooperation in the field of scientific and technical activity, creation of new markets, implementation of civilized rules and customs of business partnerships, the fulfillment of works and services by business entities of all forms of ownership.

The Partner of the Association supports the purpose of the Association's activities, its tasks, and goals and undertakes to comply with its obligations following the Agreement not to damage the business reputation, and not to cause any material damage of the Association, etc. Instead, the Association recognizes the economic independence and commercial independence of the Partner of the Association, as well as the expediency of distribution of part of the rights of the Association's members on a Partner, namely:

to participate in any activity carried out within the Association on preferential terms, as well as the prior using of services, technical means, and association systems, etc.;

to receive analytical materials produced by the Association at a discounted price;

to initiate consideration by the Association of important issues related to subsoil use and support them with the consent of the members of the Association at the public level;

to receive public data about the activities of the Association;

to terminate this Agreement following the procedures and on the terms and conditions specified by the Parties;

in the case of liquidation of the Association, to obtain property if it was temporarily transferred to the latter;

to use affiliation with the Association following standards of ethical and professional behavior.

On the basis of the foregoing, the Parties undertake to act together in order to achieve general economic goals following the statutory tasks and economic interests of each party involved in this Agreement.

In the process of implementing the planned common goals, the Parties undertake to build their relationships based on equality, honest partnership, and protection of interests of each other.

For the faster achievement of the goals under this Agreement, the Parties undertake to exchange information on the aspects of mutual interest, conduct common consultations and seminars, establish scientific and technical and commercial-financial ties with third parties and inform each other about the results of such contacts.

The Parties agreed that information that has become known about the activities of each other in conclusion and execution of the Agreement is confidential only if the Parties recognize it by additional written approval. In the understanding of the Agreement Confidentiality means the inadmissibility of providing relevant information to the attention of third parties without the written consent of the other Party.

Specific forms and size of the Party's participation in the implementation of joint projects will be determined by additional agreements and contracts (protocols).

This Agreement is a framework and serves as a basis for concluding specific contracts (for the scientific research projects, supply, joint activities, etc.) if the Parties recognize it for the necessary.

Revenues received as a result of joint activities and business cooperation are distributed in each case with the consent of the Parties.

The validity of this Agreement extends to an indefinite term until the Parties are interested in continuing mutually beneficial cooperation.

This Agreement is compiled in two original copies, one for each Party.

In cases not provided for by this Agreement, the Parties are ruled by the current civil legislation of Ukraine.

The Parties undertake to comply with this Agreement not to fulfill only the requirements available therein, support business contacts and take all necessary measures to ensure the effectiveness and development of their commercial ties.

Address details and signatures of the Parties.

The Association "Subsoil Users of Ukraine"


9, Bazhova St.

02100 Kyiv, Ukraine

Bank account 26003015014001

bic 380407


EDRPOU 36240523

The President of the Association 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________Storozhev R. I.