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A. Dombrowski: Period opaque, corrupt use of mineral resources in Ukraine to be completed

April 07, 2015
April 6, People's Deputy of Ukraine, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Energy, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety Alexander Dombrowski took part in the roundtable "From Accountability to justice", which was held at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. The event, organized by the Kiev International Energy Q- Club and the Center of Global Studies "Strategy of the 21st century" was a continuation of the discussion of the results of the project "Independent monitoring of resource and financial flows from the production of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons in Ukraine within the framework of production sharing agreements."
For discussions were attracted by Ukrainian MPs, profile experts and participants of the energy market. Among other things, talked about the production of hydrocarbons in Ukraine, focusing on gas producer sector: discussed his condition.
Also not paid attention to the investment climate of the energy sector, fiscal and budgetary management procedures by means of hydrocarbon production and macroeconomic indicators of the budget related to the extraction of hydrocarbons.
During the discussion, the participants came to the conclusion that transparentizatsiya mining sector should be a prerequisite for the end of the period of non-transparent use of mineral resources in Ukraine, and the information generated by the flow of resources (natural gas, gas condensate, oil) should be publicly available.
In addition, noted that the implementation of EITI standards need to improve transparency in the extractive industries and the related cash flows generated by the mining industry must be optimized to give greater consideration to the social needs of the regional and local level.
MPs and experts also agreed that the revenues generated in the sector of production of hydrocarbons and production sharing agreements, should not be used only through budgetary mechanisms, because it leads to "eating away". And also, that the reform of the oil and gas sector with breeding it to transparent market prices and a reduction in the tax burden will maximize revenues from mining.
April 07, 2015