Main pageMediaNewsThe State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) has replaced the head of the state-owned enterprise "Ukrainian Amber".

The State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) has replaced the head of the state-owned enterprise "Ukrainian Amber".


In July 2022, the position of acting Pustovit Ivan Ilyich hugged the general director of  "Ukrainian Amber" State Enterprise. In the YouControl database, the date of updating information about the head of the state-owned enterprise is 07.07.2022, however, as Ivan Pustovit personally told, he was appointed on 07.01.2022.
"I see the priority today as determining the current financial state of the enterprise, identifying changes in this state and the factors that caused them. It is also necessary to understand how efficiently resources, including labor, are used, if necessary to optimize the financial activity of the enterprise, and later it will be possible to forecast further development," explained Ivan Pustovit.

Also, the new head of  "Ukrainian Amber" stated that "yesterday (07.07.2022 - Note) the process of inventorying the company's fixed assets began." 
Mr. Pustovit promised to tell readers more about the state and activities of the state-owned enterprise after the completion of the inventory. The new manager did not comment on the issue of the possible privatization of the enterprise, which was planned for 2022, because "the issue belongs to the competence of the SPFU."
Leading "Ukrainian Amber" was a personal initiative of the newly appointed acting general director, assuring Ivan Pustovit: "I have lived and worked in Rivne for about 10 years. In our region, there is probably no person (from small to large) who has not heard about  "Ukrainian Amber" SE. It wasn't an offer. I found out that SPFU is forming a reserve of leaders and decided to try it."Prior to his appointment to "Ukrainian Amber", Ivan Pustovit headed the subsidiary company "Vodoekotehprom" of the Rivne regional industrial utility company of the water supply and sewerage industry "Rivneoblvodokanal".
"The vast majority of work experience is in the gas sector (head of the natural gas sales department at Rivnegaz JSC, head of the calculation department at Rivnegaz Sales LLC). At that time, I wanted to devote my life to the gas service, in the broadest sense of the word, but a narrow specialization forced me to change my place of work. Later, I was invited to head the water accounting and sales department at the Rivneoblvodokanal regional administrative unit, where I worked for 3 years, after that I headed the Vodoekotehprom SE of the Rivneoblvodokanal regional administrative unit. I have experience working in local self-government bodies." said Ivan Pustovit.
As for Pustovit's predecessor, Pavlo Nikolayenko, "he was released from the duties of the general director of  "Ukrainian Amber" SE, but continues to work as the company's executive director."
Pavlo Nikolayenko is familiar to readers from the materials on the insolvency of another amber state-owned enterprise - SE "Ukrburshtyn" JSC "Ukrainian poly metals". It was with Nikolayenko's statement that the second bankruptcy case of Ukrburshtyn began.
We will remind you that the previous change of the head of SE "Ukrainian Amber" took place in January 2022. At that time, the SPFU reported that the ex-head of the enterprise "Volodymyr Chibisov resigned on his own accord and continues to work at the enterprise."Mr. Chibisov headed the state-owned enterprise from February 2020 to January 2022, and it was under his leadership that Burshtyn of Ukraine entered into forwarding contracts with the private companies Aurum Polonez LLC and Sonenstein LLC. Settlement under the forward contract was made with raw materials extracted by the investor. A Polish citizen, ex-head of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" Voitsekh Balchun owns a share in "Aurum Polonez" LLC.
We will also remind you that in November 2021, the Supreme Court recognized the dismissal as illegal and decided to reinstate the acting of the general director of SE  "Ukrainian Amber" Dmytro Tiahlii, who headed the SE in 2015-2019. The decision of the Supreme Court regarding the reinstatement of Mr. Tiahlii still remains unfulfilled.
In March 2022, the Commercial Court of the Rivne Region ordered the collection of UAH 400,000 from the SE  "Ukrainian Amber" in favor of the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Reserves.  "Ukrainian Amber" received funds in 2019 in the form of interest-free repayable financial assistance ("due to the difficult financial condition of the enterprise"), and did not return it on time.
SE "Ukrainian Amber" was founded in 2006. The authorized capital is UAH 8,867,800. Registration - Rivne. The state enterprise is under the management of the Federal State University. Possesses special permit No. 3855 for the extraction of amber from the Klesivske deposit (Rivne region). According to the Public Audit of Subsoil Use, which were available on the State Geological Portal of the State Geological Survey before the war, in 2020 the company paid UAH 0.00 rent for the use of subsoil. Although 261.09 kg of raw amber was mined per year, and over 13 tons during the entire period of validity of the special permit since 2006.